24 of the funniest food puns

They say that food is the way to a man’s heart, but truthfully, it’s the way to all our hearts. And no matter how hard we try not to laugh, we are all susceptible to a little giggle at a food pun.

The great thing about food is how we can all relate to how much we love it. Everyone has their personal favourites and particular dislikes so it’s super easy to find one for that specific person in your life.

We all have a foodie in our lives, so what better way to show them we care than with some adorable (and sometimes naughty) food puns!  When scrolling through the good old inter-web we came across hundreds of unique ones. Here are some of our favourites:

For all you coffee lovers out there, trying to show loved ones what they mean to you…

i miss you a latte - funny food card

And this super cute food card is universal, send to your mum, friend or lover to just remind them that you’re thinking of them every time you pour another coffee. We’re sure it’ll perk up their day more than any caffeinated drink.

The food industry is forever expanding and that means that the puns never end. With every new trend comes a new hilarious cartoon joke. These ones are excellent if you’re feeling a little extra flirty…

fine apple - funny food greetingcard

And for all you millennials, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too. You are the demographic who fuel this industry with new ideas with the growing demand in all things avocado and super-food. These are great if you’re looking for inspiration for a cringe-worthy-tear-jerking social media post, Check out these super cute puns below:

Matcha Tea - funny love related card

These are all perfect ideas for your other half, so go on, proclaim your love for your sweetheart through the power of food. Or better yet, present your ingenious food pun with a luxurious box of chocolates or freshly cooked meal for your lover.

As it is the season of love, you’ll be seeing romantic jokes and gags displayed everywhere. This gorgeous sign was spotted at London’s Borough Market. Who thought cheese could be so romantic, eh? If your partner is a cheese-lover, they’ll be head over heels for this proposition. They’re even selling heart shaped cheeses in some supermarkets this season!

Will you brie mine - funny sign in london

But if you’re thinking these are all too sickly sweet for you and your lover and you’d prefer something more… exciting, check out these sexy food related memes we found!

im gonna crumb - funny memeFruit love puns - Funny meme

Blunt, to the point, and unique. We love these. Imagine waking up to a text from your significant others with one of these memes attached on the formidable morning. It would definitely set the tone for the rest of your day/evening.

But if you’re after a solid combination of cute and suggestive, we got that covered too. Tastemade is pumping out these puns like a machine so be sure to check out their website for more funny content. These age-old quips are perfect for those trying to disguise their intentions with these loveable little snacks…

lets get knotty tastemade - funny food pun


We love the naughty stuff but if you’re still stumped on what to write in your cards then

This funny card could be perfect for your other half for a birthday or even an anniversary, or if you just want to remind them you care. Whilst this food pun card appears harmless and wholesome, a little-known fact is that mint has intense aphrodisiac properties. In fact, in Ancient Greece they banned its consumption amongst soldiers as they feared it would affect their behaviour. So, if you choose to send this card, use that little gem of a fact to prompt your other half.

We were mint to be funny card



This card may double as a valentines/anniversary treat. Though it’s accusation initially confused us, the shocked expression tells us the burger’s amazement may be in response to an act, if you know what we mean…

But that’s only if you choose to take the dirty approach (which we recommend!) The perfect food pun for a loved one… Oops a little rhyme there you can enjoy.

un burger lievable funny food pun



Another jewel from Etsy is this cake card. This card would serve its purpose for the baker in your life. Reminding them that they are sweet and truly add something special to your life.

(cake not included, sadly)

muffin without you funny card


This funny card is perfect for if you want to add the recipient’s name to the top of the card so there’s no mistaking your bold declaration to your partner. Pizza is as universal as love and we have no doubt we’ll see this pun everywhere around this time of year.

youve stolen a pizza my heart - funny card


But if you’re feeling…

ravi lonely - funny food pun


don’t worry.

Because there are tonnes more brilliant puns to say thank you, congrats, or just generally read for a chuckle. Check these wicked ones out…

If you need some encouragement, these two have got you covered. Drinking a big cup of positivi-tea is one sure fired way to guarantee success, it’s the most encouraging sight we’ve seen in a while. And being in England we all know a big brew-fiend.

positivi-tea - funny card


This next birthday card promotes celebrations and a health kick with the little lettuce encouraging birthday fun to kick off! We think that this one would be perfect for any salad-eating healthy friends you have.

lettuce celebrate - funny birthday card

We love the idea of this funny card just being sent for no reason to share your love for someone in your life. Or it could even be a thank you card for when your friends or family have helped you out of a sticky situation. Mexican food is all the rage these days and if your friends are too, let them know.

taco bout - funny food pun


If you’re trying to be a little more risqué food pun for someone’s birthday then this card is perfect. Make that bold statement and cover it up instantly with the angelic expression of this frosted donut. Is it an insult? Is it a compliment? Make of it what you will.

you donut look it - funny food pun

As we said before about the latest food trends coming in handy. Smashed avocado is in almost every café being served as brunch these days. But we prefer this interpretation of the term. Let loose and have some fun with this food pun card for your favourite party-loving avocado eater.

smashed avocado - funny food pun

It’s always a tragic occasion when your favourite co-worker leaves or when a friend jumps ship and moves cities. This stern looking garlic will certainly tell them what you think of their decision and how it’s left you feeling.

you stink - funny leaving card

Fitting for any occasion this witty card is great with its pop-culture references really channelling their inner dad joke spirit.

Celeb food spotting



The culinary queen (or king) in your life would appreciate these great puns for sure. This one’s from the awesome illustrator Gemma Correll, she designs everything herself including t-shirts, mugs and cards. This set of spices is sure to impress and spice up anyone’s life, just send as a general greeting.

seasons greetings - funny card


Who said that puns should be contained to Christmas cracker jokes?

Really push the boundaries with this card for that special lady in your life. Or any other tart too! I’m sure we can all think of a few people we’d like to send this one to, so go ahead, just pray that they’ve got a good sense of humour…

You old tart - funny birthday card


This one is the perfect funny greetings card to send to literally anyone on any occasion, just to make them smile. The sentiment is sure to warm their heart, just as the soup would.

You make miso happy - funny greetings card


However, if you don’t fancy being nice and in fact would much rather send an offensive card to someone who’s bothered you recently this card is ideal. Exchange some harsh words with these sweet treats and send instant insults. One of our favourite Funny Greetings retailers, Creased cards offer a handwritten card service too, meaning you can send your card directly to the perpetrator without writing the words yourself. Insults as guilt free as a fat/sugar/gluten/dairy free marshmallow.

Harshmallows - funny food punAgain, this one is great for sending at any time, to just send a compliment to someone. So, you can let the biscuit do the talking for you when you send this funny greeting card from Creased. All the above cards mentioned are available on their website too, which is super easy to use. You’re only a couple clicks away from sending insults/compliments/love to anyone, anywhere around the world! Life is short to why not send some now?

So those are all our favourite edible jokes (for the moment), we hope you have found something suited to your needs and are now well equipped with inspiration for a long while and knowledge on where to find the funniest foodie cards on the web. And we would love to hear some of your favourite food puns, original or found elsewhere. Drop a comment below and tell us something that’ll make us chuckle, or in this case make us hungry!

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