10 Mother’s Day Cards To Make Her Smile

Whether her preference is for a host of golden daffodils or a heartfelt message of thanks, Mothering Sunday is all about showing appreciation for your number one fan.

If your mum lives halfway around the world or just down the street, sometimes just putting a pen to paper to show her you care can mean the world.

Every mum is unique; and that’s why crafty mums, trendy mums, lovey-dovey mums and mum’s who are your best friend all deserve a unique display of affection.

Of course, March 31st isn’t just about mums. It also gives us pause to acknowledge the mother figures in our life, be that a grandmother, mother-in-law or a trusted older friend.

So, this mother’s day, take the time to give thanks with our a list of funny cards, traditional cards and lovingly handmade cards that will help you say it well this mother’s day.

1. Scrabble Themed Mothering Sunday Card

Mothering Sunday - Mothers day card

If your mum has a knack for turning something simple into something beautiful, you may want to get her a mixed media card. These cards offer much more of a ‘handmade’ vibe, using different materials and methods such as embossing and applique.

This unique offering includes felt, diamante, ribbon AND a scrabble piece – perfect for mums with an eye for detail who like to scrapbook their cards for years to come.

And if she calls your artistic abilities into question? Don’t worry – we won’t tell if you won’t.

2. Chemistry Card For Mother’s Day

Science mum - mothers day card

Why not break from the norm and get your mom a chemistry-inspired card this mother’s day.

Hopefully, she has a ‘high melting point’ when it comes to your gags and pranks. She’s used to it. If this doesn’t ring true for your mom, maybe cover the ‘stable (most of the time)’ part up, you know… if she ’s prone to volatility.

Maybe your mom’s a brilliant scientist who might appreciate such a gag, or maybe you’re just a nerd. Nerd.

3. Some of my mates fancy you – Funny Mother’s Day card

some of my mates fancy you - funny mothers day card

Is your mum a stunner? A  cougar? A MILF? If she’s less Mrs. Brown and more like Will’s fit mum from The Inbetweeners, you may want to give her a mother’s day ego boost with a funny, tongue-in-cheek card. Pro tip: just don’t tell her which mate… unless you’ve ever fantasised about calling your mate ‘Dad’, in which case… crack on, we guess.

4. Thanks for not putting me up for adoption – Humorous Mother’s Day card

Adoption - funny mothers day card

Which exasperated parent hasn’t resorted to the ‘adoption’ threat when at their wits end?

Those of us who went through the terrible teenage years are probably left wondering why their mum didn’t just pull the trigger.

When I misbehaved as a child, my mom used to get out the yellow pages (remember those?) and pretend to call an adoption agency for ‘naughty children’. It worked like a CHARM. To this day, anything big and yellow sets off my fight or flight response. *shudders*

5. Gigantic head ruined your vagina – Rude Mother’s Day card

Gigantic head - rude mothers day card

Are our offerings thus far a bit too ‘vanilla’ for your mum’s tastes? Ok… you asked for it. If you want to dial up the funny to something even more risqué, try this crude card on for, ahem, size.

Nothing says ‘thanks for birthing me’ quite like a self-deprecating jab at the size of your own head. And your mum’s obliterated vag.

6. Mom you’re the gratest – Punny Mother’s Day card

the gratest - funny mothers day card

Who doesn’t enjoy a good pun? Let your mom know she’s still ‘grate’ this mother’s day with this punny number.

What says ‘I love you’ more than comparing her to a jagged, sharp kitchen implement which nearly takes the tips of your fingers off every time you use it? Also, I’m guessing you’re the cheese in this scenario, which means she is literally shredding you apart. Way to go, mum. Really grate*. Anyway, I digress.

*If she were that ‘grate’ you would have thought she’d at least have taught you how to spell by now… right?

7. You’re the best, except at haircuts…

Youre the best, except at haircuts - funny Mother's Day card

If your mum is the thrifty sort – you may have been subjected to a few (or many) DIY bowl cuts in your youth. You haven’t forgotten – and neither have your school pictures, which glare at you hauntingly from your nan’s mantlepiece. If you fancy some sneaky revenge this mother’s day, keep her humble with this comical card.

8. Grape Job raising me

grape job raising me

Maybe your mom would appreciate something more wholesome, something punny, something cute.

If that’s the case, this play on the words ‘raisin’ and ‘raising’ should be right up your alley… Plus, you get to low-key call her old and a little wrinkly, and it’s still deemed ‘cute’.

9. Needy Child – Funny Mother’s Day card

Needy child funny mothers day card

Maybe you were more of a ‘needy’ child. Perhaps you still are.

 If the repetitive calling of mum, mum, mum, mummy, mum will take her right back to your childhood, send her this. At least that ’s one way of getting her attention.

Irritating isn’t it?

10. Like the best Mum ever…

Best Mum Like Ever Card

Too spicy? If none of the previous cards are for you, say it like you mean it with a traditional card.

Short and sweet, these simple cards let you do all the talking. Why not pen an ode to your mum, press some flowers on the inside or – alternatively – enclose a cheeky £10 note?

Because, let’s face it, who doesn’t like to find a tenner in their card?

That’s all for our 10 cards to make your mum smile this Mother’s Day…

Sometimes it can be difficult to find something sweet and loving to write in her card. Check out this poem from Kenn Nesbitt…


Inside my lunch

to my surprise

a perfect heart-shaped

love note lies.


The outside says,

“Will you be mine?”

and, “Will you be

my valentine?”


I take it out

and wonder who

would want to tell me

“I love you.”


Perhaps a girl

who’s much too shy

to hand it to me

eye to eye.


Or maybe it

was sweetly penned

in private by

a secret friend


Who found my lunchbox

sitting by

and slid the note in

on the sly.


Oh, I’d be thrilled

if it were Jo,

the cute one in

the second row.


Or could it be

from Jennifer?

Has she found out

I’m sweet on her?


My mind’s abuzz,

my shoulders tense.

I need no more

of this suspense.


My stomach lurching

in my throat,

I open up

my little note.


Then wham! as if

it were a bomb,

inside it reads,

“I love you—Mom.”


Maybe this is a little too long to put in your Mother’s Day card? If you want some more inspiration then make sure you check out this blog post on over 40 unique Mother’s day messages

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